BOONDH is a one size fits most bodies cup, made of medical grade silicone. 


Length of the cup = 54 mm
Width of the cup till the rim = 38.4 mm

Inner diameter of rim = 34 mm

Outer Diameter of rim = 44 mm
Volume till air holes = 16 ml (approx)
Volume till rim = 22 ml (approx)

BOONDH is available in 5 different colors.

Rich Mauve Tint


Sunshine Yellow

Each cup comes in a box (as shown in the pictures above OTC) OR with cotton pouches (as shown in the picture below) with a detailed user manual. Price per cup is  INR 590 inclusive of Delivery within India




"I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost.
            There are no better words to narrate my life after I discovered the joy of using the menstrual cup. Just within a month of getting to know about this great product by 'Boondh',  I am using the menstrual cup like  a pro. All thanks to the team 'Boondh', their willingness to answer all my minute and ludicrous doubts concerning the use of cup, helped me to overcome my fear and hesitation to become a happy 'cup'vert. Plus 'Boondh' cups are one size fits most, so it was a  great choice for a novice like me. 'Boondh' changed my perspective about menstruation, from being scared on its arrival to happily and enthusiastically awaiting for it every month. A big applause to the awesome team of 'Boondh' for giving me the freedom to run, jump, swim, dance and go hiking  all through the periods without any worries and celebrate womanhood in its true sense.
Dr Ramya Pai
Pediatric Dentist

This is a thank you note for the great relief you’ve brought into my monthly fears. If not for your orientation in our school, I would have certainly missed this unbelievable magic that has happened over my conservative mind and periods. Yes, I have never appreciated any IUD devices all my life. In fact your practical way of explaining details about the menstrual cup was a real eye opener. Even when I came into the auditorium I had no idea of using or buying a cup. But to my great surprise, in an hours time, I was able to accept and change my views. That very evening I used the menstrual cup I brought from Boondh. The drive to try it was very strong. I was very comfortable the first time itself. That was the night I slept peacefully without fears of stain. Of course I couldn’t wait to share this experience with my friends, family and colleagues the very next day. But the third day was slightly painful, yet to understand anything new needs time. Thank you again, Boondh
Ms Lakshmi
English Teacher, TVS Lakshmi School

The best thing that has happened to me this year is the Boondh Menstrual cup. Like any other woman I was initially intimidated with the idea of the cup. However, I was tired of the odor,  rashes, and the leaks due to sanitary pads. The disposal of pads would further annoy me. All these issues were resolved with the use of the cup. Now  being a regular cup user, I feel empowered and very confident. Thanks to Boondh for introducing me to the cup. I actually look forward to my period now.
Ms Archana
Assistant professor, Mount Carmel College

Imperial Red Tint

Ameth Teal