​​​​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often do I empty BOONDH?
BOONDH should be emptied and reinserted at least once in 10-12 hours. However on the first and second day of your periods, you may need to empty it 3 to 4 times through the day.

Can I swim or play sports with it?

You most certainly can.

Can I sleep wearing a BOONDH cup?
Empty your BOONDH once before going to bed, re-insert it properly and wake up in the morning stain free! Lying horizontal does not cause the BOONDH to leak and loosen.

Can I poop and pee with it?
Don’t worry, you will not pop the cup out while pooping/peeing.

How messy is to wear a cup?
There involves a learning curve to using Boondh. This could vary from 1-3 cycles.  This is when you will slowly learn how your cervix and vagina are positioned and shaped. Once you’re past this cycle, you’ll find using the BOONDH is clean, mess free and unbelievably comfortable to use!

I’ve not had sexual intercourse, can I still use BOONDH?
You most certainly can!
This is of course with the assumption that you understand that using a menstrual cup and remaining a virgin have nothing to do with each other. The hymen (if present) stretches little by using BOONDH and this could at first be uncomfortable while inserting/removing. Virginity is notional and no one's dignity ought to be decided by the nature of a particular tissue in the body

How to store the BOONDH cup?
BOONDH only needs storage in a dry clean place. Once your period is over you can clean it, sterilize it in boiling water and place it dry in your wardrobe, or carry it around in a breathable pouch.

Can I share my BOONDH?
We recommend that you don’t share your BOONDH with anyone.

I have an IUD fitted. Can I still use BOONDH?
We recommend that you don’t use a cup when you have an IUD placed just to ensure you don’t pull at the tail and cause yourself any pain or complications. However one could consult with their gynecologist and take a more informed decision.

What is the life of a BOONDH cup?
BOONDH is a high quality device which can last you several years (between 5-10 years).

I have an yeast infection, can I still use  BOONDH?
We recommend that you don’t use BOONDH when you have a yeast infection. While boiling the cup sterilizes it very well, it is still not medically confirmed if boiling completely destroys yeast spores.

Who can use a BOONDH Cup?

All menstruating people from puberty to menopause, except during postpartum bleeding.