Menstrual activism strives to resist menstrual shame, and expand knowledge and care options,” says Chris Bobel, author of New Blood: Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation. She believes art is an important medium to initiate change. “Art of this kind provocatively challenges the viewer to assess their assumptions about menstrual taboos. It can upend what is taken for granted, and that’s powerful.

The Crimson Wave (TCW) started as an initiative to curate art work on Menstruation, as a form of engaging in Menstrual Activism and help widen discourse on breaking myths and taboos surrounding menstrual blood being dirty/impure, gender stereotyping, including men, trans and disabled, menstrual practices around the world, representations of female genetalia, female/body positivity, experiences of menstruation in public and private spaces, laws and religious impositions on menstruation, menstrual hygiene products, PMS, PMDD, period jokes, etc with no limitations on the medium of expressions (digital, cloth, canvas, anything imaginable!)

Erythrean is a subsection of TCW, wherein menstrual blood is used as a medium of expression through various creative ideas on digital, fabric and other representations.

TCW is taking an All India Tour having kickstarted in Chennai and moving to Bengaluru, Pune, Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad. 

If anyone is interested in contributing art work to the initiative feel free to write at or

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